Monday, April 11, 2011

Donation to Japan

Hi everyone,

It has been a month since the terrible earthquakes and tsunamis that struck Japan and shook the world with their devastation. The brave, stoic people of Japanese have been trying to rebuild, or at least recover what's left of their shattered lives.

In support of ongoing humanitarian and donation efforts being run by our fellow countrymen, The Hungry Hog has donated 20% of our profits in March to the Malaysian Red Cresecent Society (MRCS). The MRCS International Relief Fund will channel funds to the Japanese Red Cross to help provide sanitation and health services, not to mention hope to disaster victims.

Thank you to all our customers (yes, you!) who have made this possible. It is truly good to know that we can enjoy the wonderful things in life and be able to help those in need at the same time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the disaster victims, and also the many dedicated men and women who are helping unselfishly in their relief work.


licheng said...

that's great that you donated part of your earnings to Japan.

we're having a 2hr charity concert this Sat featuring some local talents and also broadcasting live to Japan via uStream. Hope that we raise a good sum for the relief/restoration efforts.

The Hungry Hog said...

hi li cheng,

we try to do what we can, and it's great to hear about the charity concert! too bad we're too far away to come support it :(

hope it will be a massive success! keep us posted :)

licheng said...

the concert was a success. almost 900 ppl turned up, great performances and we managed to raise almost $30,000! pics up on fb.

Anonymous said...