Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! Woooo yeaaahhh! Ok it's a bit late, but hey better late than never right? :)

It's been a busy period for The Hog and it's only now that we have some time to wish you lovely people proper and do a wee bit of updating. We must really apologize for that. Hope that you've had a wonderful time celebrating with your family and lovers and friends (not necessarily in that order).

2010 has been a very eventful year for us, and we're sure for many of you as well. Here's looking forward to a better, more adventurous and bountiful year ahead in 2011!

Starting of this first post of the year, we're going to have two headlines - price adjustments and CNY orders.

Price Adjustments

Here at The Hungry Hog, we believe in fair pricing and have always been looking out for you. Throughout 2010, we have seen market prices increase for pork, petrol (twice) and gas. So we went into our pig sty and did a round of critical thinking (pigs are very smart creatures!). While it won't save the world, we decided that the best thing to do was to NOT raise prices until it was absolutely necessary. By absorbing those costs, we got to give you porky goodness at great value for a full year.

With the latest price increase for pork, we needed to adjust our pricing slightly to adapt to market changes. Please have a look at our Menu & Prices page for the latest pricing as they will take effect from 10th January 2011. It is a reasonable adjustment that has been carefully thought out to give you the best value.

Rest assured that you will continue to get great value from our products:

1) Our roast pork uses only meat from the pig's belly, which is the choice cut for roasting as it has delicious layers of fat and meat that makes it juicy and delicious. We don't use any meat tenderizers to retain the meat's natural texture.

2) Our sausages are made up almost entirely of pure, fresh meat and seasonings, nothing more. It's as simple and natural as it gets. As a perspective, some sausages out there actually contain very little meat, lots of filler material, artificial flavouring, preservatives and might also be made of reconstituted meat, i.e. scraps from processing.

3) And our sausage casings? Nothing but real hog casings, laboriously hand-made from pig intestine lining. It gives you a springy bite that you can't get from artificial casings.

The same attention and focus to making good things extend to all our other products and catering services too.

But best of all, we don't use any artificial preservatives, colouring or flavouring enhancers. All our meat products are made with natural ingredients.

With us, you know what you're getting. :)

CNY Orders

We are now open to receive orders for Chinese New Year! Please do contact us if you would like to place orders for roast pork or other products for this festive period. We already have requests coming in, so do make your bookings early to avoid last minute disappointment as we have limited capacity.

Note: New pricing will apply to orders made from 10th January onwards.

Cheers everybody and have a smashing 2011!

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