Monday, November 8, 2010

Hickory Smoked Bacon (NEW!)


Hickory Smoked Bacon

Are you a fan of bacon? Do you drool at the sight of  these crispy, tender strips of pork heaven like a one-year old? Do you love the salty, sweet and smoky flavours of bacon that hits the spot in your belly every single time? Do you long for it?

Go on, you know it makes you happy.

Hickory Smoked Bacon - Raw
Introducing The Hungry Hog's latest product - Hickory Smoked Bacon!

Our homemade bacon is made from lovely pork belly slabs that are cured for 5 days with our own secret cure mix. The meat is then hot smoked with real hickory wood to give it that extra oomph of smoky goodness!

Our cure mix is made from 100% natural ingredients and does not contain saltpeter, a common commercial preservative that reportedly  has some health concerns.

Hickory Smoked Bacon - Cooked
The smoked bacon is sold uncooked, frozen in ready-cut strips.

Price: RM 5.00 / 100g (approx. 6-8 slices)

Get some now and send yourself to porky heaven!

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Wallakazoo said...

Saltpeter or potassium nitrate is a common chemical used in fertilisers, dynamites and gunpowder...