Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Refer A Friend and Enjoy Discounts!

Oink oink! The Hungry Hog's proud to present to you our new referral master plan to take over the world!! (Okay, it's really just a referral plan, but we like to think big).

Introduce your friends to our ever growing family, and you'll get to enjoy very interesting discounts!

How does it work, you ask? Simple. Here's how:

The Hungry Hog's Step-by-Step Referral Guide

Great value, don't you think? Now you and more of your buddies can enjoy delicious products from The Hungry Hog.

Spread the word, pass the pork and bring more joy to your world! :)

Note: We secretly think that we can still take over the world with enough referrals to form a hog army, heh.

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