Monday, June 28, 2010

Waka Waka! World Cup Promo!

The South Africa 2010 matches are well and truly underway! The matches are getting livelier, the stakes are higher, the shouting and cheering are louder and more heartfelt! Make sure you're well prepared with our World Cup packages to help you last the full game!

Now, more value for you! For an additional RM8, The Hungry Hog will cook your World Cup orders to a nice perfection. All you have to do is reheat the goods, sit back with your drink, and enjoy the the games!

Contact us now for your World Cup package!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A More Organized Hog

Hello hogsters!

Over the past few days, we've relooked, spin washed, wrung out, and ironed out a better organized and more friendly blog.

You'll notice new page tabs underneath the main title. These will link you to standalone pages for our menu, ordering how-to, media files, promotions, customer testimonials and contact details. No more sniffing around for information! Now you can get all the important information and juicy gossip* with just a click of the mouse. Simple and neat.

There's also the search engine on the right sidebar for you to search for specific blog posts.

It's kind of like a blog that's kind of like a proper website, which is cool. The best of both worlds! :)

We'll be building in a bit more stuff into the ol' bloggie soon, so have a tinker, look around and let us know what you think. Oink!

* not really. pigs don't talk.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Minimum Order for Roast Pork

Hi all,

We will be no longer be making 0.5 kg minimum orders for roast pork. Minimum orders for roast pork will now be 1.0 kg. However, you may place orders for 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 kg and so on and so forth.

Our team here at The Hungry Hog always tries to give you the best we can, and quality control for previous minimum orders have been a wee bit tricky. Hence, after careful observation, we have decided to discontinue the 0.5 kg option and move forward with a 1.0 kg minimum. That way, we can ensure that you get the best roast possible from us. 

You get better value and enjoyment, and we get a nice smile from you. Happy days! :)

Cheers everyone!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hidup Bola Makan Bola (Daging) World Cup Promo!!

Waka Waka! The World Cup 2010 is upon us! Joy to all ye footie fans out there!!

As the matches play out in the wee hours of the morning here in Malaysia Truly Asia, we at The Hungry Hog fully emphatize with those of you who get the munchies but can't be torn apart from your new HD telly to go out to get food.

Well worry no more! Be prepared with our scrumptious World Cup packages* to satisfy your hunger! Fry them up, grill them, chop them up and enjoy with your favourite matches and beers!

Cheering on your team is a lot of work, so make sure you and your mates are well stocked up to last the whole 90 minutes! Nothing like a night of amazing football with awesome friends and great food!

Drop us an email now, or call us to get your yummy packs!

As we used to say in this country - HIDUP BOLA, MAKAN BOLA (daging) !!!**

*    products are uncooked and frozen except for roast pork.
**  that's a great cheer :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meatballs!! (New Product)

New in town! Plump, juicy meatballs!
(yeah we know you're smirking, you cheeky monkey you). :-)

Made with pork and beef, these delicious meatballs are packed with rosemary and oregano to give you bold flavours.

Perfect as a snack with your favourite beers, or as part of a hearty dish such as pasta, soups and stews.

Meatballs are sold frozen, uncooked in packs of 20s and 40s.

20s pack:  RM 25.00
40s pack:  RM 50.00

Try them out today!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Refer A Friend and Enjoy Discounts!

Oink oink! The Hungry Hog's proud to present to you our new referral master plan to take over the world!! (Okay, it's really just a referral plan, but we like to think big).

Introduce your friends to our ever growing family, and you'll get to enjoy very interesting discounts!

How does it work, you ask? Simple. Here's how:

The Hungry Hog's Step-by-Step Referral Guide

Great value, don't you think? Now you and more of your buddies can enjoy delicious products from The Hungry Hog.

Spread the word, pass the pork and bring more joy to your world! :)

Note: We secretly think that we can still take over the world with enough referrals to form a hog army, heh.