Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How To Place Your Order

Placing an order is always an exciting time because we get to serve you some really delicious food. To enable us to serve you better, we've listed down some information that will help us when ordering your goodies:

  1. The quantity of the products (roast pork - how many kilos, sausages and burgers - how many pieces).*
  2. For roast pork orders, please state if you want the meat cut, or left whole.
  3. Date for your order (when you would like the order to be ready).
  4. Pick up or delivery.**
  5. Approximate time of pick up or delivery.
  6. Your full name, address and contact number.

 * Give us a buzz or drop us an email if you are not sure how much to order. We will be glad to help you portion accordingly to your needs.
** Operating hours are from 9am to 6pm. Latest pick up or delivery must be done by 6pm.

Looking forward to serve you soon! :)

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