Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New Things To Come!

Hello everyone!

First off a very happy new year to all you lovely people out there. Hopefully you've had a wonderful time ushering in 2010 with your family and mates. We at The Hungry Hog greeted the year with a great barbecue, delicious concoctions and plenty of laughs!

It has been an amazing journey since we started business full time in December '09. Lady luck was smiling upon us with an opportunity to appear in a video interview for The Star Online ( That brought much needed publicity and awareness to the public about what the new kid on the block had to offer :). As a result, Christmas and New Year proved to be our busiest period yet as we worked hard to deliver delicious food to you guys. We're so happy that the roasts and sausages added to your festive joy. Hopefully, your friends and family enjoyed it too!

Moving into 2010, The Hungry Hog will be adding new stuff to the blog and our Facebook group. There will be more updates on how to cook, keep and reheat the meats so that you can get the best enjoyment from your purchases. Also, look out for new promotions for the upcoming Chinese New Year among other things. Send us stories or jokes related to our business or products and we'll post them up for everyone to enjoy. The same goes for photos of your parties or meals where you're having some Hog goodness. Send us your funny pics or just pics of you having a good time so that we can share the wonderful times together :)

We are also trying to refine and improve our delivery service, so hopefully we will be able to give you a better service this year. Look out for this space.

New items are being planned for the menu too, and once we've experimented with the recipes and are happy (and perhaps a few kilos heavier) we'll put it out for everyone to savour!

Lastly, please send us any ideas or suggestions that you might have to help us improve and make The Hungry Hog more fun and exciting for you!

Cheers everyone! :)

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