Monday, April 20, 2009

Roast Pork (Siew Yuk)

Price: RM50/kg
Min. Order: 0.5kg
Note: Please order at least one (1) day in advance, latest by Friday

Juicy roasted pork belly with a crispy, golden skin, this delicious meat is perfect for sharing at parties, barbeques and housewarming/full moon/birthday celebrations. It can also be served as a dish at mealtimes or as a snack. Pair it with your favourite wine or beer for a mouth watering experience!

Portioning Tips:
0.5kg will feed: 3-4 pax (on its own), 7-8 pax (with other dishes), 2 greedy people
1.0kg will feed: 7-8 pax (on its own), 13-15 pax (with other dishes), 4-5 meat lovers


The roast pork is wrapped in greaseproof paper, then packaged in an outer brown parcel tied with cotton twine.


QueenSLeen said...

The simple brown parcel packaging will give you a slight misimpression of what you have ordered...

Because once you untangle the twine and unwrap the parcel...

you will be salivating at the sight of the roast pork!

so if you're sharing this piece of juicy delicious heaven, make sure you get your fork ready, or else it will be gone in seconds!

Needless to say, The Hungry Hog has def got one of the best roast pork in town!

Perfectly Flawed® said...

Do you deliver to Singapore Yengs? :)

rachel said...

Yummy yummy siew yok. Very tasty and the skin is cruncy. My family loves it too.

kithelyn said...

Calling all "porkie" fan! This is delicious, tender and succulent! Mouth watering and a must try! I couldnt stop munching!

sw said...

actually i really like the packaging... hahaah.. i know.. i am such a marketer's dream..

but it is not just bout the packaging.. my family LIKED it! oh it goes really well if you eat it as it is or you could try cooking it with french beans - my mom does that. it helps with the guilt of eating ermm.. u know.. the "fats" layer.. we ate it all.. :p

David said...

hehe, the packaging is nothing compared to what's stored inside. trust me on that one.
i even sneaked off a chunk to be stored in my fridge from the folks who came for my house-warming!
(sorry ya, bff :P)

MattGuy said...

Got my first taste of Hungry Hog's Siew Yuk at a party. By the time I got to the plate second helping, there is none left! :( I'm definitely a Hungry Hog's Fan!!!!!!!!!!!

LeeHui said...

(on behalf of pork lovers who do not have blogspot account)

HI Yeng Yee!

It was nice meeting you on Saturday. My husband and I, plus the parents-in-law have tried your roast pork and we love it! Below are the comments / feedbacks that both of us feel you should receive:

1. You chose just the right parts of the pork which has a very balanced ratio of meat to fat. It's not too fat, neither is it too meaty. Just nice! I would prefer a lesser roasted skin, but hubby doesn't mind it.

2. The roast pork is quite tender and succulent. It's not very dry or is it soaked in tonnes of oil. Nice!

3. You did a good job on the packaging and presentation. Hubby finds it very nicely done, meat cut up, with the extra wrappings and tied with string. I gave him quite a surprise when I presented your package as a belated birthday pressie to him. Never did he knew there was half a kilo of meat inside! Hahaha!

4. Very unique idea on the chilly sauce. You blended green chillies soaked in vinegar, I presume? It gave the roast pork a tangy taste.

Btw, my in-laws recommended another way of eating the roast pork - fry with chopped garlic! My father in law was happily frying some of the roast pork and garlic the other day and the smell was delicious!

Keep up the good work! :)

Roast pork lovers,
Alicia & Matt

le sze said...

i recently ordered 3 kilos of siew yuk for a friend's house party. delivered the siew yuk to the party and went back to change. by the time i got to the party again in less than 2 hours, the siew yuk was almost all gone!!
my friend told me her relatives all said the siew yuk was v good :) :) not as fatty as what you'd usually get and the skin was still crunchy 3 hours after collection.
I personally felt it wasn't salty enough BUT I had a pretty tiring day so my taste bud could have gone hay wire ;)
Definitely will order from here again coz it's much CLEANER, my mind did not question if any fly feasted on my piece of meat before and after roasting :p (but i'll get yengs to make me the ribs next time!love ribs =D )

Ping said...

Yengs, the siew yok is definately the bomb. The skin is crunchy like crackers and the meat is soft like cotton candy. The guests walloped the whole 1kg of heavenly goodness within 15 minutes.... now you owe me a new heart bypass :)

Nee Sern said...

Ordered 1kg of roast pork as extra dish for dinner. But before dinner already 0.2kg down the tummies. During dinner, it was the first dish to be attacked and nothing was left over. Definitely very very recommended!

Joe said...

Ordered 0.5kg from The Hungry Hog. Needless to say, we've finished all! It is delicious, crunchy...and we ask for more!!!

It is one of the best in town I've ever tried. Going to order from you again soon...very soon!

Keep it on!